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Buy a Book for the LRC Campaign

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Our “Buy a Book” campaign was launched last month and we have received donations of over 200 new books from parents. Thank you to everyone who has donated. There is still time to donate a book if you are interested by following the link above.

We particularly need more books suitable for children 13 years and up. We would like to thank Mr and Mrs Streatfield and Russell Porter at Carlton books for their generous donation of approximately 500 fiction and non-fiction books to kick start our LRC collection.

FoSRR has given us a generous donation of £200 per department to start sourcing some non-fiction books.

We are accepting good quality book donations for both our primary and high school collections. If you have books that you would like to donate, please bring them into school or contact us to arrange collection if there is a large volume.

We would also like to thank Hannah Parker for her ongoing work as a volunteer in setting up our LRC. Hannah has given invaluable support by creating some amazing displays, helping us source new books and setting up our new library system.

Food Hygiene rating and new menus

Congratulations to our Canteen staff for achieving a food hygiene rating of 5 following a recent Environmental Health inspection.

Our menus have recently been updated.

Singing Lessions

We encourage those with an aptitude for singing to take up lessons and learn how to hone their developing voices. We are pleased to be offering singing lessons in-house with our private singing teacher Miss Brimacombe; to register for singing lessons please download the singing lesson request form HERE